RF Limiter Model # RFL-01

Protects receivers and multicouplers from being destroyed by too much input power or static charge buildup at the antenna.

Protects receiving systems on a continuous basis as long as the transmitting and receiving antennas are not placed closer than the following spacing:

  • For a 5 watt transmitter the minimum spacing should be 1 foot
  • For a 25 watt transmitter the minimum spacing should be 3 feet
  • For a 40 watt transmitter the minimum spacing should be 5 feet

Absorbs an average of 1 watt and has been tested for 5 continuous seconds with direct input from a 25 watt transmitter.

Has minimum loss, so there should be no noticeable effect on signal quality. The limiter does not turn on until the input reaches +25 dBm (about ¼ Watt). 3rd order intermod will only be generated during times of extreme overload when the device is active.

Freq. Range: 40 to 1300 MHz
VSWR: 2.0:1
Insertion Loss: 2 dB max 45 to 1,000 MHz: 3 dB max 40 to 1,300 MHz
Power: 1 Watt average 25 Watts 5 Seconds
Cost: $120.00

This unit is available in custom configurations depending upon your need. Standard configuration is BNC-M/BNC-F, and are in stock. It is recommended that this unit be used on all receivers that are in close proximity to a transmitter or used in a mobile application. Custom configurations are accepted; contact us for a quote.